Don’t Tell Me to Write Something in a Format I’ve Never Read

Before we start, I’d like to admit that I don’t read everything in the publication I write for. Occasionally I’ll read the sports section, but that depends on if I need something to critique. Every week I’m required to critique the publication and I’ll admit, I can be harsh. I’ll even chastise the editors for something that involving my own articles.

Yesterday, I was informed that I was to write an article on same-sex marriage being legalized in Iowa, which will prove my inability to write short articles, and a piece for the opinion section called “Our View.”

What “Our View” is, essentially, is a statement from the editorial staff of the publication.

I’m a staff writer (and one time photographer!), not an editor.

So I have to speak for the editors. This will be challenging since I know that there is at least one editor that’s probably against the ruling.

What’s even more challenging is that I’ve never read any of the “Our Views.”

I don’t know why, but I just don’t. Usually, if I want to read something in the opinion section, I’ll read a piece with an author credited. My frequent criticism is “Are they going anywhere with this?”

So I sat down at my computer and typed up some words trying to speak for a group of people that I am not a part of, editors.

The more perplexing problem is that this has to be short. How am I supposed to do that?


One thought on “Don’t Tell Me to Write Something in a Format I’ve Never Read

  1. Wait, is this for the Hi-Line?

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