Epic Win!

The state of Iowa, which I happen to reside in, has become the third (technically fourth, but it’s presently illegal in the state of California) state in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage.

Not civil unions, but same-sex marriage.

The Iowa Supreme Court voted unanimously to uphold same-sex couples’ right to marry due to the fact that it violates the equal protection clause in the Iowa Constitution. This is the result of a judge in Polk County, where the state capital of Des Moines is located, ruling last year that the gay marriage ban was unconstitutional and allowing gay marriage to occur in that county for 22 hours.

Iowa is also the first state in the midwest to legalize gay marriage.

I’ll admit, I’m actually proud to be from Iowa now. I feel giddy from this because this is so incredible.

Marriages will be allowed to begin occurring in three weeks.

Iowa Supreme Court upholds Hanson’s ruling; marriage no longer limited to one man, one woman” (Des Moines Register)

Same-sex marriage now legal in Iowa” (Cedar Rapids Gazette)


4 thoughts on “Epic Win!

  1. The Center Square

    It is one of the great social questions of our time: What if gay marriage is both unwanted by a large majority of the people, AND is guaranteed under the Constitution? Then what?

    Courts are not saying that gay marriage (or civil unions) are good policy, or desirable, or constructive, or any other positive virtue. They are saying that the Constitution should apply to all people equally, which is a value that all of us can agree on.

    So, now what do we do?


  2. This was the case in California, only it wasn’t a LARGE majority, but it was a majority. The Supreme Court there voted that it was unconstitutional (albeit it wasn’t unanimous as it was in the state of Iowa) and Proposition 8 was passed by a majority of the votes at election time. There’s still the battle there as to whether or not it’s constitutional since there are clauses in the constitution there and in Iowa that say that all people have equal protection under law.

    This is not the case in Conneticuit, however, where the people voted on legalizing Gay Marriage, not the courts decision.

    If there are people very upset over the legalization in Iowa, they may do what was done in California and get enough signatures to have a measure on a ballot to revoke this ruling. If that happens and it passes, there will be the same conundrum that the state of California is finding themselves in.

  3. The Center Square

    Good points. And I sort of suspect there is a middle position that describes the views of many folks: “I am not anti-gay-marriage (or civil unions), but I’m just not quiiiiiiiite ready for a law saying it is legal.”

    Personally, I think the whole idea of marriage — gay or hetero — as a government event is ridiculous. We managed to get the job done without government involvement for millenia.

    Perhaps a better idea is to make civil unions the ONLY government role, and get government out of the marriage business altogether.


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