List of Plays in Eastern Iowa (and Marshalltown) for the Remaining Season

Well, I went and put all of the remaining plays at both the amateur and professional theater companies on the calendar. While looking at the calendar on my Blackberry is a bit scary now, I thought that I should share this list in order to inform you of the remaining plays in this season, which I will define as August 2008-July 2009. The dates listed below are opening dates.

-March 27: Arms and the Man at the Hope Martin Theatre (Waterloo Community Playhouse)

-March 27: An Enemy of the People at the Unitarian Universalist Society in Iowa City (Dreamwell Theatre)

-April 2: Raising Medusa at the Riverside Theatre

-April 3: Picasso at the Lapin Agile at the Iowa Realty Building in Coralvile (City Circle Acting Co.)

-April 10: Rabbit Hole at the Iowa Realty Building in Coralvile (City Circle Acting Co.)

-April 10: Tales of Two Cities at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (SPT)

-April 23: Always…Patsy Cline at the Old Creamery Theatre

-April 24: Rumplestilskin at the Hope Martin Theatre (Black Hawk Children’s Theatre)

-May 1: Hair at Theatre Cedar Rapids Lindale location (TCR)

-May 15: Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime at the Hope Martin Theatre (WCP)

-May 22: Nocturne at the Paul Engle Center (Stage Left Productions)

-May 28: The Odd Couple at the Old Creamery Theatre

-May 28: Squabbles by the Iowa Theatre Artists

-June 12: Kiss Me Kate at the Oster Regent Theatre (Cedar Falls Community Theatre)

-June 12: Hello, Dolly! at the Englert Theater (City Circle Acting Co.)

-June 12: Riverside Theatre’s Shakespeare Festival begins

-June 19: Harold and Maude at the Starlighter’s Theatre in Anamosa.

-July 2: Schoolhouse Rock Live at Theatre Cedar Rapids’ Lindale location (TCR)

-July 10: High School Musical at the Hope Martin Theatre (WCP)

-July 10: Germans! at the Paul Engle Center (Stage Left Productions) (It’s a staged reading)

-July 11: Failing Evolution at the Paul Engle Center (Stage Left Productions) (Another staged reading)

-July 17: Courting at the Paul Engle Center (Stage Left Productions)

-July 23: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at the Mount Vernon Community School District Auditorium (Mount Vernon Lisbon Community Theatre)

And I still have yet to have conformation on what Classics at Brucemore is doing this year.

-July 24: The Laramie Project at the Martha Ellen Tye Playhouse (Marshalltown Community Theatre)

We’ll Be Back

“Fragments” will be on a short hiatus due to health issues.

Thank you.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Last night, I was walking through the living room when the ten o’clock news on KWWL, the NBC affiliate out of Waterloo. It wasn’t the top story, but there was a story about a string of vandalism in the city of Cedar Falls. My interest was peaked and I stopped and watched and listened.

What occurred (I can, strangely enough, not find the article on KWWL’s website this morning.) was that in a couple of blocks, homes were spray painted with yellow spray paint. What was spraypainted was blurred on the telecast. I do feel sorry for the people who had this done to their homes, but a part of me felt smug. Very, very smug.

A lot of people in Cedar Falls have this arrogant, ignorant additude that their city is the best in the world because it’s perfect. What I mean by this is that nothing bad can happen because bad things, like crime, only occur in cities like Cedar Rapids or Waterloo. (By the way, that’s their words, not mine. Most of the people that like me are in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo.)

Don’t get me wrong. Cedar Rapids and Waterloo aren’t crime free. But neither is Cedar Falls. If you just look at their school district that’s pretty horrendous. Trust me, I was bullied frequently my junior year and most people have the attitude of “Yeah, right” or “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY?” This all seems to come now, a year after the bullying stopped.

I doubt that many of the citizens are going to notice this. When the flooding occurred, a lot of people were like “The city was saved by volunteers! Yay!”

“But, the North Cedar neighborhood was severely damaged.”

“It was?”

When I was writing my article on the effect of the flooding on students at Cedar Falls High Schools, there was quite of bit of anger over this by people that were affected by the flood that lived in that neighborhood. And it didn’t shock me at all.

By the “city” being saved, they meant the downtown area. Yes, Cedar Falls Utilities had to move out of their office building because of the damage, but apparently, they’re not part of the city. (To this day, I have no clue who the hell builds a power plant NEXT TO THE DAMN RIVER.) (Update: It now makes sense.)

Look at it. Since the flood there have been burglaries, vandalism (and not of the insanely stupid high school senior variety either), and a guy with a live grenade in a standoff with police. And it hasn’t been like one a month.

I lose count of how many times I hear police sirens near my house. And I don’t live in a “bad neighborhood”. On the upside, I’m sleeping better.

But the residents of Cedar Falls will turn a blind eye to this crap because it can’t be happening in their city. And then it will get out of hand before they can do anything.

To be honest, I’m very glad that I’m leaving in August.

And, by the way, I feel safer in Cedar Rapids than I do in Cedar Falls. And that’s not just with driving, because people in Cedar Falls (and most of Iowa) drive like lunatics.

Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: Week of March 16-22

Things I Don’t Care About:

-I’ve stopped caring about the AIG scandal.

-Facebook’s new layout.

-Who got kicked off of “American Idol” and/or “Dancing With the Stars.”

Things I Do Care About:

-Ian McShane making breakfast in the pilot episode of “Kings.”

-Natasha Richardson dying.

-Matt Freeman’s great post about manifestos on theater.

-The fact that when I have fifteen minutes before the curtain of a play I’m reviewing and the bill hasn’t come for dinner and I’m eating a crème brûlée that’s not very good, my thoughts begin to be voiced by George Sanders as Addison DeWitt.

“Love Never Dies” having gravitas.

-The fact that “Love Never Dies” makes me genuinely excited for Julie Taymor/Bono/The Edge’s “Spider-Man” musical.

-John Simon liking BOTH “Blithe Spirit” and “West Side Story” more than Michael Kuchwara. Actually, I take that back. John Simon raving about “Blithe Spirit” and giving “West Side Story” a positive review is pretty big.

-The fact that everyone is giving “Fences” a positive review.

On Facebook

A month ago I ditched Facebook.

Well, I broke off our bittersweet relationship to the furthest extent I could. You see, when you “disable” your account, you can come back and people can still invite you to events, but you’re profile is inactive.

I wasn’t a Facebook addict, one of those people that check’s their status constantly, going around school blockers to get to the website. (I once had to ask a girl in my journalism class how to get around the servers so I could read my own damn blog. It’s not blocked anymore.) In fact, I was spending less and less time on it. I have Twitter and this. I had homework to do, reviews to write, things to research, books to read.

There’s also the fact that it’s counterproductive to my writing.

On top of it, the applications that you can add to your profile kept getting sent to me constantly and more were being invented than I could block. And people’s “statuses”? I could care less about how OMG U LIKE A GUY BUT WTF? UR 2 AFRAID TO TALK 2 HIM. (It pained me to type that sentence.)

(Although, one time I set my status to something like “Monica is lacking in apathy.”)

I only ever used Facebook to converse with a couple of friends (one lives near Marshalltown), some relatives, and maybe message people about matters relating to articles I needed to write. (I hated having to resort to this.)

And so, after I returned home from my college interview in Chicago, I got rid of Facebook.

Why? Because what I was using it for are things that I can do via email, or on the phone. In fact, I prefer to do those things via email or by talking on the phone. It was essentially useless to me. There were somethings I could find out about (I had one friend, who I met working on a show, that had very lengthy essays on political issues and I keep wondering what he thinks of this AIG Bonus scandal) or be amused by in terms of peoples writings.

But it’s useless to me.

I don’t find myself thinking maybe it was bad, maybe I should go running back to it. We had a lengthy relationship; I had been on Facebook since before the time when everyone could use it (a friend of mine invited me). And while it is weird to listen to your mother talk about what she read on someone’s profile, it doesn’t make me yearn to return a world recently graced by a new layout, teenagers with emo lyrics in their statuses, and third-graders with profiles.

Maybe I’ll go back to it when I go off to college. I could then keep in touch with what few friends I have.

No, email sounds nicer. That way I don’t have to combat the people who add me that I’ve never heard of, or better yet, don’t talk to me for very strange reasons.*

*Including, but not limited too: Saying “Oy vey” around them, refusing to tell them what I thought of a show I’m reviewing before I’ve written the review, not wanting to work on a YouTube video that sounds like a porno but really isn’t, saying that I don’t think Dane Cook is hot, writing lengthy articles, not supporting the basketball team, and speaking my mind.

Top 5 Most Read Posts (As of March 21)

According to WordPress, these are the Top 5 Most Read Posts on this blog.

1). “Review: ‘Guys and Dolls’ (Cedar Falls High School)

2). “‘Phantom’ Sequel to Have Gravitas

3). “Two Things I Love Doing

4). “Review: ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (Black Hawk Children’s Theatre)

5). “Review: ‘Bell, Book, and Candle’ (Waterloo Community Playhouse)

My thoughts on this:

-I have no clue why “Two Things I Love Doing” is up there.

-Note how three of those four posts are reviews. Another thing, one of those reviews is of a show I reviewed after it closed and it’s the most read post. It’s also the longest. Take that, people who are intimidated by the length of my articles and pieces. (Those people amuse me)

-The fact that I put the post “‘Phantom’ Sequel to Have Gravitas” on here yesterday and it is the second most read post really amuses me. Actually, the title of that post just amuses me.