Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: Week of March 23-30

Things I Don’t Care About:

-AIG. This is just getting out of hand.

-Octomom. But I do care about Octomom jokes.

-How much you’re not looking forward to “High School Musical” at the Waterloo Community Playhouse. Can I find someone that is looking forward to it?

-Shawn Johnson. I have a friend that won’t be pleased with that, but I just don’t care.

-The Four Billy’s.

-What new thing is being turned into a musical that the world can do without. I don’t have the space in my brain to keep track of this.

-“Monsters Vs. Aliens.” I read A.O. Scott’s review. That’s all I need to know about it. Well, I also read the title of the Wall Street Journal review.

Things I Do Care About:

The Hypocrites’ 2009-2010 Season.

-The fact that I know what three of the four plays at CFCT are, but not the fourth one.

-How the plays at CSPS were.

-How great “God of Carnage” and “Exit the King” are.

How much “Impressionism” sucks.

-David Mamet’s new play, “Race”, being directed by him.

What Senator Grassley said.

-Devo having a new album coming out.

-The trailer for “Where the Wild Things Are

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