The Hypocrites’ New Season Restores My Faith in Humanity

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had a good week so far. It’s the result of a lot of things, including people getting upset over an article I wrote that was published two weeks ago.

So last night, I went on to Time Out Chicago’s website last night and saw that the most recent post on the TOC blog was entitled “Willcommmen to the new Hypocrites season.”

They’re doing “Cabaret”?, I thought as I clicked on the link.

The Hypocrites’ 2009-2010 includes “Frankenstein”, adapted and directed by artistic director Sean Graney; Jean-Paul Sarte’s “No Exit” (also directed by Graney), and “Cabaret.”

Although it’s not going to be directed by Graney, but by Matt Hawkins of the House Theatre, I’m still fairly excited.

Really, that made my day. I have more to look forward to when I move to Chicago.

Willkommen to the new Hypocrites season” (TOC)

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