Poor Unfortunate Souls

Last night, I was walking through the living room when the ten o’clock news on KWWL, the NBC affiliate out of Waterloo. It wasn’t the top story, but there was a story about a string of vandalism in the city of Cedar Falls. My interest was peaked and I stopped and watched and listened.

What occurred (I can, strangely enough, not find the article on KWWL’s website this morning.) was that in a couple of blocks, homes were spray painted with yellow spray paint. What was spraypainted was blurred on the telecast. I do feel sorry for the people who had this done to their homes, but a part of me felt smug. Very, very smug.

A lot of people in Cedar Falls have this arrogant, ignorant additude that their city is the best in the world because it’s perfect. What I mean by this is that nothing bad can happen because bad things, like crime, only occur in cities like Cedar Rapids or Waterloo. (By the way, that’s their words, not mine. Most of the people that like me are in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo.)

Don’t get me wrong. Cedar Rapids and Waterloo aren’t crime free. But neither is Cedar Falls. If you just look at their school district that’s pretty horrendous. Trust me, I was bullied frequently my junior year and most people have the attitude of “Yeah, right” or “OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY?” This all seems to come now, a year after the bullying stopped.

I doubt that many of the citizens are going to notice this. When the flooding occurred, a lot of people were like “The city was saved by volunteers! Yay!”

“But, the North Cedar neighborhood was severely damaged.”

“It was?”

When I was writing my article on the effect of the flooding on students at Cedar Falls High Schools, there was quite of bit of anger over this by people that were affected by the flood that lived in that neighborhood. And it didn’t shock me at all.

By the “city” being saved, they meant the downtown area. Yes, Cedar Falls Utilities had to move out of their office building because of the damage, but apparently, they’re not part of the city. (To this day, I have no clue who the hell builds a power plant NEXT TO THE DAMN RIVER.) (Update: It now makes sense.)

Look at it. Since the flood there have been burglaries, vandalism (and not of the insanely stupid high school senior variety either), and a guy with a live grenade in a standoff with police. And it hasn’t been like one a month.

I lose count of how many times I hear police sirens near my house. And I don’t live in a “bad neighborhood”. On the upside, I’m sleeping better.

But the residents of Cedar Falls will turn a blind eye to this crap because it can’t be happening in their city. And then it will get out of hand before they can do anything.

To be honest, I’m very glad that I’m leaving in August.

And, by the way, I feel safer in Cedar Rapids than I do in Cedar Falls. And that’s not just with driving, because people in Cedar Falls (and most of Iowa) drive like lunatics.


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