Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: Week of March 16-22

Things I Don’t Care About:

-I’ve stopped caring about the AIG scandal.

-Facebook’s new layout.

-Who got kicked off of “American Idol” and/or “Dancing With the Stars.”

Things I Do Care About:

-Ian McShane making breakfast in the pilot episode of “Kings.”

-Natasha Richardson dying.

-Matt Freeman’s great post about manifestos on theater.

-The fact that when I have fifteen minutes before the curtain of a play I’m reviewing and the bill hasn’t come for dinner and I’m eating a crème brûlée that’s not very good, my thoughts begin to be voiced by George Sanders as Addison DeWitt.

“Love Never Dies” having gravitas.

-The fact that “Love Never Dies” makes me genuinely excited for Julie Taymor/Bono/The Edge’s “Spider-Man” musical.

-John Simon liking BOTH “Blithe Spirit” and “West Side Story” more than Michael Kuchwara. Actually, I take that back. John Simon raving about “Blithe Spirit” and giving “West Side Story” a positive review is pretty big.

-The fact that everyone is giving “Fences” a positive review.


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