Top 5 Most Read Posts (As of March 21)

According to WordPress, these are the Top 5 Most Read Posts on this blog.

1). “Review: ‘Guys and Dolls’ (Cedar Falls High School)

2). “‘Phantom’ Sequel to Have Gravitas

3). “Two Things I Love Doing

4). “Review: ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (Black Hawk Children’s Theatre)

5). “Review: ‘Bell, Book, and Candle’ (Waterloo Community Playhouse)

My thoughts on this:

-I have no clue why “Two Things I Love Doing” is up there.

-Note how three of those four posts are reviews. Another thing, one of those reviews is of a show I reviewed after it closed and it’s the most read post. It’s also the longest. Take that, people who are intimidated by the length of my articles and pieces. (Those people amuse me)

-The fact that I put the post “‘Phantom’ Sequel to Have Gravitas” on here yesterday and it is the second most read post really amuses me. Actually, the title of that post just amuses me.


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