Chicago Playworks’ “Alice in Wonderland”

I am highly recommending this production that has pretty much nothing but DePaul Theatre School people involved with this, except for the director, Sean Graney, who is the Artistic Director of The Hypocrites.

The show felt like an engrossing nightmare that had moments of being absolutely wonderful, which made the creepiness of the show even better. The lights and set (designed by BFA students Casey Diers and Stephen H. Carmody) added to this feel as did the vaudeville feeling costumes (designed by BFA student Alarie Hammock). The acting was great (again, all of the actors were DePaul students) and I personally don’t think that the show will frighten young children. (I would like to add that this is the second largest venue I’ve been in this season and also seemed to have the youngest audience.) Some of the actors in the Wonderland part came out into the theatre before the show and said hi to the audience. I would have to say that would put the children at ease.

Oh, plus, tickets are $8 and it’s in the Merle Reskin Theatre which is a beautiful facility.

But I do recommend those that are not fond of stage fog should not sit in the first few rows.


One thought on “Chicago Playworks’ “Alice in Wonderland”

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