As Usual, The Courier and I Are Not Seeing Eye to Eye

In yesterday’s Waterloo Courier there was a review of “Importance of Being Earnest,” which I panned on Sunday. The title of the review, by George F. Day (what the hell ever happened to Barbara Lounsberry?), is “Oster Regent’s ‘Importance of Being Earnest’ ably performed.”

Whoa, the Oster Regent is the venue, not the company. Cedar Falls Community Theatre is the company.

Anyway, Day loved it, I’m guessing. I don’t know, he doesn’t address the actors’ performance. But here are some excerpts:

On the show:

“It is set in England and, to be convincing, the actors need to adopt a British accent.

Its humor is delightful but often so subtle that many a modern viewer may not “get it.”

It is set in Victorian times and the customs and mores depicted may well appear bizarre to today’s laid-back generation.

Those are three consecutive paragraphs, by the way.

Okay, here’s my problem. Eric Clark and the other critics at the Cedar Rapids Gazette have fewer words than this Day guy (really, what happened to Harvey Hess and Lounsberry?) and they write better reviews. I mean, the Courier writes a nice summary with the name of the actors (I would give you a link to the review, but we’re talking about the Courier and they don’t put their theater reviews on their website.) with some discussions on the set and costumes. (“But the quarters occupied by Algy Moncrieff look more like a room in a Motel 6 than the West End pad of a wealthy upper-class Londoner.” Touche, Mr. Day. I was thrilled when actors got on the set because my eyes hurt less.)

Oh, but here’s the real kicker:

“(In the interest of full disclosure: Many many years ago, I had a part in this play. I am forced to admit that the current production is probably superior to that one.)”

I know that the Courier has other critics. Why didn’t they review this? Day has an bias to the show, unless he hated it after doing this show.

I’m just, mad. I don’t even think the guys at Critic-O-Meter (which I love, thank you) could grade this review.

But hey, at least the 65-year-olds that see CFCT plays read the Courier. This will make an impression, unlike my review.


One thought on “As Usual, The Courier and I Are Not Seeing Eye to Eye

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