Review of the Meaty Mushroom Burger at Hamburger Mary’s

By request of my friend, Jacklin:

“At the GLBT-friendly restaurant in Cedar Rapids, one can find a menu item that is–um, juicy, saucy, and fabulous. The meaty mushroom burger, which runs around $8, is a delightful treat with a thick quarter-patty of beef that sits below mushrooms covered in cheddar cheese, lettuce, and the restaurant’s special sauce. With the bun included, the burger is massive, requiring a knife to be driving through the center when the entree is brought out to you at the restaurant. The sandwich is savory in your mouth, but a large appetite is recommended due to the size. Hamburger Mary’s also offers a veggie patty, which, unlike most vegetarian friendly substitutes, does not distinctly carry a noticeable difference between the two. The restaurant seems to have accomplished what most may think impossible; they have created a veggie burger that tastes like food. A recommended side is their fries which carry a rather spicy flavoring. Once you take a bite of this delectable burger, it is sure to become your favorite.”


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