Will I Review The Upcoming CFCT Production?

Some people are curious as to whether or not I’ll be reviewing The Importance of Being Earnest at Cedar Falls Community Theatre on this blog.

The answer is no.

I was going to review it for print, but then that publication died like it was owned by Gannett. The weekend Earnest opens I am busy. I have one day during that weekend that I could presently go and see it. The second week of the run, I’m out of town. To be more precise, I’m out of state. Personally, I would much rather review Lost in Younkers at Theatre Cedar Rapids if I have to pick between the two. (Umm, I was only going to review Earnest because I would probably have people coming after me with pitchforks and torches if I said that a show in Cedar Rapids is great and did so in that publication.)

Why would I rather review Lost in Younkers? I have greatly enjoyed the plays of Neil Simon since I was ten (granted, it’s up against Wilde, but it’s not like I’m not going to see another production of it again), Hamburger Mary’s is across the street from Theatre Cedar Rapids and tickets for a show at Theatre Cedar Rapids is less expensive than a show at Cedar Falls Community Theatre.

I’m probably not going to be reviewing Lost in Younkers either.


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