Some Thoughts on Theater Behavior

1). Sweatpants and a sweatshirt is NOT okay. Especially if you’re at a Broadway show, but it shouldn’t be okay at any theater. (On a side note: When I saw Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre, half of the audience must have been wearing the aforementioned attire. An usher actually thanked me for dressing up-I was wearing a nice green top and a green and purple striped silk skirt. This should not be happening.) Appropriate attire is at least jeans and a sweater and/or dress shirt.

2). Shut up. When the curtain goes up, please be quiet. I missed the first couple of lines of all three acts of Bell, Book, and Candle due to this. And commentary on the show to the person sitting next to you is not necessary. Yes, I get it, there’s a broken mask; how very observant of you.

3). If someone is taking notes during a show, don’t ask them why they’re taking notes.

4). If you offend any of these, don’t give someone who’s been behaving very well and taking notes during the show because they review the shows a dirty look because they’re getting up during the FIFTEEN minute intermission to get their notes in order.

I’m just glad no one had a cellphone go off, I might have started smacking people with my shoes.


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