Thermometer-less ‘Speed-the-Plow’ Gets Re-reviewed


Pretty much, everyone likes William H. Macy in Piven’s role.

The reviews come from American Theater Web, AM New York, Talkin’ Broadway, Theater Mania, Variety, and the New York Times.

Personally, I’d like to see someone who really didn’t like Piven’s performance review it, but I find these rather interesting.

Brantley says that all of the actors bring something different to the table, like eating a different sushi everyday (okay, he doesn’t say that, but I couldn’t resist). He also says that the bit about the thermometer is the funniest Mamet one-liner in years. The critics seem to be in agreement that Macy brings a very interesting take to the role, probably due to his familiarity with Mamet.

Although, the best quote goes to David Rooney of Variety:

“New! Improved! Now with less mercury!”


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