Nobody Likes the Revival of “Hedda Gabler”

Okay, CurtainUp did, but other than that, no one really liked it.

Elysa Gardner of the USA Today, who’s reviews I’m suddenly liking, says,

“There was reason to expect more from Mary-Louise Parker, the latest A-list actress to tackle a character who, like Macbeth or Mama Rose, seems destined to pop up on Broadway every few years. But Parker’s intelligence and range are wasted on this performance, which reduces Hedda to a petulant, if glamorous, brat.”

Barbara Hoffman of the New York Post liked Mary-Louise Parker’s performance, but said this:

“But overall, Ibsen deserves better. So do we.”


I can’t summarize John Simon’s review. But he didn’t think it was that great either.

Matt Windman of AMNY says, “See it at your own risk!”

And Ben Brantley pretty much stabbed the show to death and kept stabbing when there was no blood left. It’s brutal and I’m not sure if it’s worse than his pan of The Little Mermaid and Young Frankenstein. Hell, I was able to forgive his allusions to Twilight.

Note to self, don’t get a job where I have to pick out quotes from theater reviews to make it sound like the shows actually good.

Update: Michael Feingold of the Village Voice didn’t like “Hedda Gabler” either.


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