You Suck, Marcus Theaters

“Twenty dollars?” I said flabbergasted to the woman selling tickets at my local Marcus Theaters.

She nods.

My mother and I just showed up to see Orfeo ed Euridice (which I wrote about earlier) and I am befuddled. Sure, the total price for my mother and I to watch this would be $40 and therefore less than I would pay to sit in the orchestra of the Gallagher-Bluedorn when attending an opera. On the other hand, I’m sitting in a bloody movie theater. I can essentially do the same thing when I watch operas on Great Performances on PBS.

Oh, how did I not know that tickets were $20 for this?

Well, I went on to Marcus Theaters website, and they have ticket pricing even by theater. They even have the prices for special events. Do I see a special price for the operas? No, I don’t.

And while $20 isn’t a lot in comparison to what one would pay to see an opera, for $20 I can go and see a play at any amateur theater company in the state of Iowa and it will be more comfortable there than in a movie theater where they haven’t cleaned the floors in god knows how long. Yes, I just said that the folding metal chairs in Theatre Cedar Rapids’ Lindale location are more comfortable than my movie theater.

This was rather depressing since I had gotten out of bed simply to see this.

But I now have a new angle for my story on this.


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