Opera! At the Movie Theater

For the past few days I’ve had the idea bouncing about in my head to write about how Fantom Entertainment is showing live performances of shows at the Metropolitan Opera being shown at the local movie theater. I thought that maybe I would refrain from this because it’d be me bringing my high-brow snobbery back to the print. But the majority of the people that read the publication I write for are adults who enjoy what I write. They don’t sit around wondering “What the hell were you thinking when you praised Mad Men?”

I approached the ultimate approver of articles about this and told him about the series. His reaction can best be summed up by “WHAT?”

So, I get write about live performances of operas at the movie theater. It helps that the only opera done at the Gallagher-Bluedorn was the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre’s production of Madama Butterfly and know a lot about classical music, opera, staged productions and I love watching Great Performances at the Met.

(You can read more about the showings here:)


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