How to Not Make a Point and My Theater Predictions

My sister: You should still review that Honor Society album.

Me: I told you. They’re not notable enough. They don’t even have a Wikipedia article.

My Sister: Not all notable things and people have Wikipedia articles.

Me: Terry Teachout has a Wikipedia article.

(Sister rolls eyes)

The next conversation is a follow up to that second thing I enjoy doing. During a production of Into the Woods I was worked on, a fellow crew member, a theater major that’s one of those people that assumes that their college is the best in the world and they know everything, walked up to me and started talking about the Humana Festival.

Her: So, I, ya know, think that Becky Shaw is too dark. Did anybody like it?
Me: It got a positive review in The New York Times.
Her: The New York Times reviews plays?
(I point to the blurb from the review of August: Osage County that’s on the cover of that play, which she was borrowing from me.)
Her: Oh.
Me: It’s also going to be part of the Second Stage’s season. (she looks puzzled) It’s an Off-Broadway theater.
Her: Oh.
Me: I think it’ll get positive reviews and even extend it’s run.
Her: It’s too dark. I saw Wicked!

Sure enough, it did get rather positive reviews and extended it’s run.

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Don’t Ask Me to Review Your Favorite Band’s Album


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