I’m presently sitting around in journalism where the inauguration coverage on MSNBC is on. Dianne Feinstein is speaking and I just cheered. (I’m a native of California)

I sit right in front of a window and thanks to that, the sun is in my eyes, making it difficult to watch the inauguration. But I would have never imagined that this day would have happened so soon. Wow.

Okay, going from Dianne Feinstein to Rick Warren is not a good transition. No really, it’s isn’t.

And as much as I dislike Rick Warren, I wish that the girls nearby would shut up about Twilight. Some of us are trying to watch the inauguration, and by that, we’re trying to watch history happen.

What else is happening? Avenue Q has narrowed down the replacements for “George Bush” down to four. Even though “This show” induced a smirk, I’m thinking it will be “Recession.”

Oh, shut up. Biden’s getting sworn in. Now is a good time to just shut up. That’s it, I’m watching online.

Oh, Jeremy Piven is defending himself against the grievances.

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