Recommended Article on Theater

My father, who frequently goes through St. Louis, pointed out an article on theater and teenage girls to me.

The article is by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s theater critic Judith Newmark and is mainly dealing with Legally Blonde: The Musical, which is at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis on February 1st.

It’s a rather well written article and I recommend you read it.

“‘Legally Blonde’ a perfect fit for teen girls who love musicals.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

(On a side note, I was in New York a couple of months before Legally Blonde opened on Broadway and cringed at the sight of the Palace’s marquee. But, I am not your average teenage female theatergoer. I relate to the character of Robert in Company and was on cloud nine when I discovered the soundtrack for The Producers before my thirteenth birthday. Again, not your average teenage female theatergoer.)

(I should write about a history of my theater snobbery. It really originates as early as Kindergarten.)

Update: My father was actually talking about this list of seven things that it takes to make a musical popular with teenage girls. Again, I can’t really identify with it because I’m not your average female teenage theatergoer. I begged my parents for tickets to see The Coast of Utopia and got stuck with Wicked instead. Not seeing the revival of Company with Raul Esparza is my only regret in life. But again, Newmark makes good points that I think are the reason why the shows are as big of successes as they are.


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