Two Things I Love Doing

Well, other than acting Jewish with my mother.

1). I have a friend, the same one that gave me the book I Never Metaphor I Didn’t Like, that is presently in New York City. I recommended she see Speed-the-Plow. I got a message on Facebook thanking me for the recommendation and praising the production (she said it is something that needs to be seen and heard) and saying that William H. Macy and Raul Esparza are amazing.

I have also gathered the respect that when people go to New York or Chicago, they ask me what shows to see. Before winter break, the two conversations occurred:

Female Student 1: Was going to go see Phantom, but it’s too damn expensive. What should I go see?
Me: How about an off-Broadway show? You might enjoy Black Watch or What’s That Smell?.

Female Student 2: I’m going to Chicago. Should I see Wicked, or is there something better?
Me: Try The Seafarer done by the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Terry Teachout of The Wall Street Journal gave it a good review.

Student 1 saw Improbable Frequency and enjoyed. Student 2 did not like The Seafarer.

I enjoy giving people suggestions for plays and them enjoying my suggestions.

2). I also enjoy arguing about Becky Shaw and Harold Pinter and pwning theater majors at public colleges.


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