My Father On…A Lot Of Things (Plus: Which WWII Film Should You See in Waterloo/Cedar Falls?)

On some of the stuff being put on Broadway:

“It’s like putting a Goodwill on Rodeo Drive.” (Note: I like Goodwill. I have a nice blue suit that I got for five bucks from there.)

On Soul of Shaolin:

“China has been in Times Square for years. It’s called Toys R Us.”

On me writing my article on jazz groups:

“You need to write it so you can come in and be like ‘Hey I didn’t sit around eating bonbons and watching Charlie Rose’.”

Also, if you are curious what World War Two film to see on Monday because Anne of Green Gables is closed, go see Defiance. They didn’t underuse very talented actors, unlike Valkyrie.


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