What Ever Happened to Global Warming?

The Midwest is still feeling like the Ninth Circle of Hell, which makes writing at a computer in a sunroom at 11:45 PM not very fun (at least I have a space heater in there!).

How cold is it here? The temperature on my computer says -26. That’s without wind chill. Thanks to this, the school buses in some school districts won’t start.

In news of the day in Iowa, mainly Cedar Rapids, the two hospitals in Cedar Rapids lost power early this morning and there was a huge accident on Interstate 380 this morning. In non-Iowa related news, a kid in Omaha stuck his tongue to a pole.

I’m sitting around here and thinking that I can either reread Aristophanes or watch old episodes of Charlie Rose. I could also see Gran Torino or Defiance, both of which are opening in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area today.

But I definitely want to brave the weather and see Anne of Green Gables. The lack of global warming cancelled school performances for them, again.


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