Wait, What About Abby on NCIS?

In the arts section of today’s New York Times, there is a bit of an eulogy for the departure of GIl Grissom by Times television critic Alessandra Stanley.

In it she says,

More than any other show, “The Mentalist” signals that intuition is the big new thing, while forensic science and nerdy, obsessive lab workers are old hat.

Hi, Alessandra, do know that you know that NCIS, which is not exactly Pushing Daisies 30 Rock, is pulling ahead in the ratings. In fact, it tends to be in the top five most watched shows on TV.

While NCIS mainly focuses on the team, what would they do without Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, the awesome goth lab specialist that runs on Caf-Pows? I could go into detail describing how obsessive that character can get, but my fingers are plum tired.

There’s a character that fits your description.

(Also, more people watch NCIS than The Mentalist.)

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