Ooh Baby It’s Cold Outside

The following thought is probably going through the minds of most Iowans today.

What the hell ever happened to global warming?

As a result of the frigid temperatures, several school districts in Iowa have cancelled school today. This is conflicting with Black Hawk Children’s Theatre’s production of Anne of Green Gables, which is presently supposed to be performing for students of area schools.

I recommend that you brave the weather and see this show. I haven’t seen it yet, but BHCT has a history of producing excellent, quality family entertainment, so chances are that it’s at least going to be a good night at the theater. (I have, for the record, only seen two shows directed by Tyler Hayes Stillwill that disappointed me. But with both productions, I didn’t sit around wondering why I wasted money on them.)

Tickets are $10 with performances tomorrow night at 7, and Saturday and Sunday at 2.

Maybe I’ll review it here. I rarely review children’s theater due to a massive fear of some mother swooping down seeking vengance for me not noticing her child’s performance in an ensemble role. (If I notice you in the ensemble and you’re not my sister, you’re overacting.)


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