News: 1/14/09

In yesterday’s New York Post, Michael Riedel elaborated on Patti LuPone’s awesomeness. She reportedly walked offstage.

The Virgin Megastore is closing in Times Square. Personally, I feel a bit ambivalent to this. I don’t live in New York City and the one time I’ve visited there, I didn’t go near it. In fact, my favorite memory of Times Square is pushing some jerk out of my way as I was out getting a bagel because he jumped out in front of me yelling “SUNGLASSES MODEL.” Sadly, it’s being replaced by a Forever 21 instead of something worth while (Wait, what am I saying? We’re talking about Times Square. Worst meal I’ve ever had was at a tourist trap there.). But, I spend more time in Chelsea, Flatiron District, and Lower East Side. Midtown exists for the theater district (which, it appears, I won’t be attending many shows at depending on when I go to New York City this year).

Also, the production of The Cherry Orchard at BAM opened last night. There is no review of it on Variety or in The New York Times today. Anyone know why by chance?

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