How Many Articles Does the “Times” Have to Run on “Billy Elliot”?

After stepping through the snow that drifted over my stoop to retrieve today’s New York Times, I sat down and read the newspaper. (The weather is so bad that not only did the small stone steps in front of my house have at least two inches of snow, but numerous school districts in Iowa cancelled school today.)

On the front page of today’s New York Times there was not an ad, but a picture of girls preparing to ballet. This was not an article on young ballerina’s in New York City, but about the “ballet girls” of Billy Elliot.

Wait, how many articles have been in the New York Times about Billy Elliot?

(I should point out that I do like the music for Billy Elliot. I may see it when I venture to New York within a year, but I personally would like to see mostly off- and off-off-Broadway shows.)

If we’re talking about the Broadway run, there have been five articles involving the show. One about the three young actors, one about how it is not like the film, the review of the show, one appreciating the ballet aspect by Alastair Macaulay, a dance critic; a piece by Charles Isherwood saying that Billy doesn’t need to fly at one point in the show because it kills the feeling, and the article in today’s paper.

How many articles do they need to run on this show? I imagine there will be more, since I’m thinking that it will probably be nominated for a some Tony Awards.

The hype is exhausting. Take a break, please.

On another note, there’s quite a bit of coverage of the Under the Radar festival in today’s New York Times.

“Where Ballet is a Boy Thing”
“In Festival, Biography, Beckett and Blues” (NYT)

Update: Isaac Butler at Parabasis discusses this and says that there are nine. I might have not scoured enough.

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