Don’t Ask Me to Review Your Favorite Band’s Album

My sister had asked me to review an album by one of her latest favorites, Honor Society, for publication. Normally I review books, television (e.g. Mad Men), and theater, but I did review the Nine Inch Nails’ album The Slip, in which I talked about the nostalgic sound it had. (Best response: “We had goth rock bands in the late 70’s?” -My mum)

In short, I didn’t enjoy the album. But my musical tastes include Bill Evans Trio, The Dresden Dolls, George Gershwin, Bauhaus, Miles Davis, Nine Inch Nails (yes, I reviewed an album by a band I like), classical music, ThouShaltNot, and opera. I consider Tom Jones to be a guilty pleasure; I can only stand hip-hop if it’s In the Heights. I shouldn’t be reviewing an album by some…band.

I actually have to say that it’s a good idea to not ask me to review something, particularly if you enjoy it. And even if it’s something you despise, I don’t want to exert my reviewing abilities to trash something. This is why as much as I despise Twilight from a literary standpoint, I’m not going to review it in print because you want me to make a bunch of girls cry. (The “Well, at least girls are reading” argument is poppycock. We could say that about Manga, but that tends to be more intellectually stimulating.)

The proposition for my review was turned down because I stated that I was the wrong writer to review it. Thank god, I didn’t want to use the excuse my father had invented for me to use as to why I couldn’t review it.

I was trying to find a reason as to why Mickey Rourke is a classy guy.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me to Review Your Favorite Band’s Album

  1. i was wondering what happened to Mickey Rourke, then there he was at the Golden Globes

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