Golden Globes: Do Not Mix Mercury and Champagne

Believe it or not, Anne Hathaway did not win a Golden Globe last night.

Kate Winslet won big, with two Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress-Drama and Best Actress-Drama. What I have to wonder is why her role for The Reader was for Best Supporting Actress. Isn’t she she the star?

It was rather nice to see that Jeremy Piven could take a break from his busy career as a thermometer to attend the Golden Globes. (Just so you know, I’m laughing as I write those words.) (Also, who wants to bet that Post theater columnist Michael Reidel is having a field day with this?)

Normally, I don’t watch award shows. Even the Tony Awards were lagging in 2008 (all too often, I rejoiced at my CBS affiliate interrupting for flood news). But the leak about Anne Hathaway supposedly going to win and an open bar were enticing. Personally, I found it to be more amusing than the Emmys, but that might have been from the champagne.

I do have a soft spot for Mad Men. I raved about it in print and upset a lot of people because they watched it. Naturally, Jon Hamm and January Jones losing disappointed me a bit. (Okay, Jon Hamm losing disappointed me quite a bit) But I don’t have HBO and therefore haven’t seen In Treatment and True Blood. But my only motivation to watch True Blood is the knowledge that it’s created by Alan Ball, who created Six Feet Under. I’m a bit averse to vampire romances at the moment, thank you.

Heath Ledger’s posthumous win did not surprise me. Any posthumous wins for his performance won’t surprise me because if they don’t let him win, several angry Facebookers will be angrier than…I’ll think of an analogy later. But several of the other nominees, with the notable exception of Tom Cruise, didn’t seem too thrilled.

Personally, everyone from 30 Rock gave speeches that were quite possibly the highlights of the evening. Alec Baldwin’s was short and sweet, Tina Fey told people on the internet to “suck it,” and Tracy Morgan is the new face of America. If only Mickey Rourke’s could have been that memorable.

And Slumdog Millionaire sweeping up the awards didn’t surprise me, mainly because everyone had predicted it. I’d love to see it, but it’s not showing near here. Oh, the perils of living in Iowa!


2 thoughts on “Golden Globes: Do Not Mix Mercury and Champagne

  1. Mickey Rourke filled his role in The Wrestler really well… maybe too well

  2. I have not seen “The Wrestler” yet due to it still being in “select cities”. (Again, the perils of living in Iowa.) So, I can’t concur with you.

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