In Which Monica Talks to Herself

Hi, I’m back (although, those of you reading on WordPress haven’t missed me for long). I think I’ve had food poisoning for a bit and have been getting very little sleep.

And thanks to this lethargic feeling, I’m going to talk to myself to bring you up to speed.

Hey, Monica
How are you?
Well, I watched the film adaptation of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis. Excellent film that made me feel a bit depressed afterwards.
I also watched season one of Pushing Daisies. The speech that Alfredo Aldarisio (played by Raul Esparza) gives to Olive in “Bittersweets” is so perfectly delivered and the facial expressions still tug at my heart. I cannot begin to describe how much I despise the executives at ABC.
What is this feeling? So sudden and…
No Wicked references, please. Now I’m going to have that stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
Sorry. So, how’s the Jeremy Piven Mercury watch going?
Michael Musto made a comment about it on his blog, La Daily Musto on Monday and Michael Reidel can’t stop talking about it. But, while Musto, a gossip columnist, makes a passing comment, Reidel spends his entire column talking about it. After all, being swarmy is Reidel’s job. We’re up to three this week.
Speaking of gossip, have you heard about what Josh Brolin reportedly said?
Him calling Times chief theater critic Ben Brantley something I can’t repeat here because I’m trying to clean up my profanity? How could I not read it? The blogs are abuzz with it. Although I first knew about it due to David Carr on the Carpetbagger Blog (granted, I didn’t know what Brolin said until today). I want to know how Brolin has managed to hold such a grudge for eight years. (You can read the review here).
Good point.
Thank you. Now, I’m still a bit lethargic, but I have to deal with problems on where my blog normally resides. I’m also going to go and do crossword puzzles.
Have fun


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