Front Page of ‘Times’ is Epic

It’s like my birthday came early this year. Or Christmas came late. Granted, both events are close enough together for me that either is a viable description.

The roads where I live in Iowa are covered with ice today, therefore preventing me from hopping into my car (name presently in limbo) and getting a copy of today’s New York Times.

I discovered today that as a Christmas present, I now have a daily subscription to the Times which will keep me from whining about either the roads not being cleared or the lack of availability of the New York Times in my city. This comes almost four years after I first read The New York Times after receiving a copy for Christmas.

But thanks to the New York Times website I already knew about two articles on the front page that would have made me rather ebullient even if I didn’t get the lovely present.

On today’s front page, there is an article about details on the life of the late Dr. Bruce Ivins, the man who was suspected of perpertrating the Anthrax attacks in 2001. Sadly, it felt a bit too fluffy as I read it.

The other article is by Charles Isherwood and is about the numerous Broadway shows that are closing this month.

It’s similar to the pieces that he writes on Sunday’s that appear in the Arts and Leisure section, and I’m presuming that the article is on the front page because of how major the incident is.

The article is well-written and looks at the positive side of the closing of a show. It was rather sentimental and not cynical or sardonic (okay, maybe the comment about Young Frankenstein is sarcastic. I couldn’t tell.). On a side note, it also explains why I’ll never stop kicking myself for not seeing the revival of Company that was directed by John Doyle.

Oh, Isherwood also makes a comment about Jeremy Piven’s mercury poisoning.

Big Finales, All Together Now: A Month of Broadway Closings” (New York Times)

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