This is Why I Proofread Articles

At 5 am I decided to proofread my opinion pieces on standing ovations and newspapers due to the fact that I couldn’t sleep.

Luckily, I was in an alert enough state to realize why I decided to thouroughly proofread my articles.

Here are two examples:

1). In my opinion piece on standing ovations, instead of writing “stretch our legs” I wrote “stretch our feet.” I’m not too sure what prompted me to write “stretch our feet.”

2). While reading my piece on the death of newspapers, I find that halfway through I become abnormally harsh and condescending, which I’ll have to change. I’m also not too sure how the citizens of the city this is published in would react to me saying that there are people living in poverty while making a sarcastic comment about the city’s perfection.

I think I’ll keep proofreading.


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