So Movies Make Good Musicals?

Do you remember how last year I was very thrilled that the Waterloo Community Playhouse announced that they were doing Into the Woods, and I used an icon that said “Squee!” on it?

Well, in today’s Waterloo Courier (now you understand why I went looking for a copy of today’s Courier), there is an article announcing the summer musical at WCP.

It’s High School Musical.

I would first like to thank the Courier for placing this announcement in a logical place, which was in the Arts and Home and Garden section next to the article on Waterloo Community Playhouse’s upcoming production of It’s A Wonderful Life. This makes much more sense than putting it in the Opinion section, like they did last year.

Second of all, I won’t deny that I groan at the mention of this musical; I’ve tried to sit through the Disney Channel film and I can’t. In fact, several of my friends that have suffered through the film have informed me that I once summed up the dance moves in the film into three dance moves.

But please note that I used the word “film” in those preceding sentences.

I am hoping that because it is done by WCP that the show will at least be a moderately enjoyable show. They were able to do that with Cats and Footloose; I don’t see why they can’t do that with High School Musical.

Because it is not done by Disney, and there are probably very talented teenagers/young adults in the area to play the lead roles, the show may lose quite a bit of it’s corniness in the upcoming production.

Not to mention, the show will probably attract a younger crowd and sell lots of tickets.

The show is going to run in July. I don’t know when in July; the article doesn’t say.

They are doing Leaving Iowa, which is a charming comedy. However, I will not be living in Iowa at that point in time.

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