The Jeremy Piven Mercury Poisoning Drama Continues

Well, E! News happens to have the worst coverage of this incident I have ever seen. Normally, I only endure that program because my sister watches it, but I volunatrilly watched it last night. Their coverage was like this:

Jeremy Piven has mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi. Has to quit the Broadway show he’s in. These two guys named Norbert Leo Butz and William H. Macy are taking over. BRADGELINA!!!!!!!!!.

Why is this disappointing? Well, for starters, they didn’t mention the awesome David Mamet quote. They mention it on their website, where they do a "leave Jeremy Piven alone" deal, but not on the actual TV show. I mean, they don’t even care about his poor co-stars. I feel sorry for Elizabeth Moss and Raúl Esparza because he’s leaving two months before the show ends (although, in the article on said topic in today’s Times, it states that he’s been feeling tired since the show started. Clearly, he hasn’t heard that 80-year-old Estelle Parsons is kicking ass in August: Osage County, two blocks south at the Music Box Theater).


Well, gossip websites (okay, I haven’t been on, but there are others…) and the New York Post are pretty much saying that this is bullshit.

I repeat my previous statement, but I’m going to add on the producers and director.

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